Steelhead Blend - French Roast 12oz Drip Grind

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Certified Sustainable, Shade Grown, Direct Trade, French Roast Drip Grind Coffee.

Why choose the Steelhead Blend? Our Dark (French) roast ground coffee pays tribute to the most interesting salmonoid, and according to some, the most challenging to catch; the steelhead. Although not technically a salmon, this sea run rainbow trout faces many of the same problems that the pacific salmon face. Due to environmental stressors and habitat loss, the Steelhead is classified as endangered in many fisheries up and down the west coast.

More about the coffee itself: Our French Roast is as dark and delicious as any French Roast in the world. Bold and strong with deep dark chocolate undertones and a light hint of smokiness, it is something all French Roast lovers must try before they die.