About Us | Fisherman's Brew

Who We Are

Founded in Lake Stevens, Washington, Fisherman’s Brew is a sustainable, fair trade and shade grown coffee company providing high-quality coffee to fishermen and outdoor enthusiasts across the pacific northwest. The inspiration behind Fisherman’s Brew stemmed from a passion for fishing, as well as a love of coffee and a desire to aid in salmon conservation. Every member of our team has a personal connection to the outdoors and to our local river systems, so we pride ourselves on our commitment to environmental conservation.

Our coffee is shade-grown under the natural canopy of the rainforests of Brazil, protecting the habitats of migratory birds while also producing premium beans for our customers. We ensure that our distributors, both current and future, adhere to fair-trade laws and provide their coffee farmers with an above suitable wage. Above all else, we want it to be known that we not only care about our customers, but also the resources and farmers that contribute to our coffee.

Our Mission

When Fisherman’s Brew was founded, our team realized we wanted to be something more than just your run-of-the-mill coffee company. We wanted to make a difference in the world, however small it may be.

Natural habitats in the Pacific Northwest are constantly being impacted by human endeavors, disrupting the delicate ecosystems that have existed for centuries. Conservation efforts have been made to combat this, however they lack resources to effectively counteract the damage us humans have caused. For that reason, we decided to contribute 5% of all profits towards conservation efforts in the Pacific Northwest, in hopes of preserving this beautiful place that we call home.

We will keep everyone informed through our social media pages on our conservation efforts, as well as any updates we have regarding our coffee. If you have a recommendation for a conservation program in Washington State, get in contact with us and we'd love to hear your ideas.